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Here are some pics of a sound system I installed in a 90' 300zx TT.

List of Equipment:

(5) Premier ts-w1041c 10" Subs (400w RMS each)
Premier deh-p850mp Head Unit
JBL BP1200.1 Class D sub amp (1200w RMS)
Rockford Fosgate Power series class A/B amp for door speakers (cant remember model, but put out 80w rms x2)
Memphis 6.5" coaxials (50w RMS, very underrated)
Memphis 6.5" rear speakers

We started on this system by custom building some speaker mounts for the front doors. These were made out of 1/2" MDF and fitted such that the door panel will still fit perfectly on the door without hitting anything, also the speaker fits into the hole without any obstruction. These holes were cut for Memphis 6.5" coaxials with the crossovers mounted nearby.

Next I built the custom "5 sub" box. Didn't quite sound as clean as we hoped... probably due to the fact that the box was open air... that is, all 5 subs shared the same air, there were no dividers. We were told that this would still sound ok despite there being no chambers, but this is not true. However, the box turned out looking very nice and was very sturdy, with every hole perfect in symmetry and angle. They were perfect and equal distances from each other and the edges of the box. If you have never made a sub box to fit 5 subs..... well, you will be in for a long job. Anyways, once screwed shut and sealed the box, we test fitted the box to make sure it would fit. As you can see, it fits perfectly, using every inch of space available.

Once we made sure the box fit, we had to get to the hard part.... making a cover that fits PERFECTLY. Since any imperfections will be noticed, we cannot make any mistakes. This is the second time around on this particular job for this particular car (we did the same basic mold for Nate's other 90' TT, only with one 12W7), and we still had the mold from the first time, so making the edges fit was a breeze. We use hardboard to cut our mold and a jigsaw to cut the five holes exactly where the subs will set. The subs are going to go on top of the covered hardboard into the box.. so the holes have to be perfect. Once the hardboard is covered, we wire up the subs (which is nearly impossible to wire up 5 subs equally with 1 amp.... the resistance must be paired to be equal, and with the fifth sub... this does not work). Next we put the covered hardboard on top of the sub box and mount the subs in place. We crank it up....... and it sounds like crap. Apparently the hardboard is rattling.

Plan B. We take out the hardboard, cut it carefully and re-cut the hole to go around all 5 subs. then we cover the sub box with black vinyl and mount the subs, then put the hardboard on top. Anyways, Now it looks even better than before, it sounds good, and best of all... it only took a week to complete... versus the last Z taking 4 months to complete.

Of course Nate ended up selling it and taking everything out... so my work here was in vain. At least I got some pics.