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The Open Source Motor Controller (OSMC)

This is my version of the popular OSMC design. It is based on the schematic (ver. 3.22) - you can find my EagleCad .brd file here. And more information can about the OSMC project can be found here.

The OSMC is a high-powered electric motor controller for brushed DC motors. It can (in full form) handle around 160amps continuous and peaks of around 400amps at up to 48vdc. My version only uses a total of 12 mosfets instead of the 16 used on the standard OSMC board.

The purpose of re-making the PCB layout was to come up with a design that could be easily produced at home and with easily soldered through-hole parts. Also I wanted to keep the design simple by using a 1-sided copper clad pcb. This removes the daunting task of transferring a 2-sided design to copper without messing it up. I basically wanted to be able to easily make several OSMC's at home and for as cheap as possible, and this is what I came up with.

The cost is dependent on how many mosfets you use (you can use 4, 8, or 12.. depending on your power requirements), but it is only around $60 per board if you buy the parts from Digikey.

Note: The mosfet outlines are not shown on the Eagle .brd file because the design was larger than the Eagle freeware version would allow... so you have to use your imagination and double-check the schematic if you aren't sure where to place them. The mosfet gates should face the bias resistors.

Here are some pics: