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Fiberglassing 2, the truck

This is my Dad's 96' Ram 1500 and the fiberglass work that I did on it.

This is my Dad's truck. He accidentally crushed part of his fiberglass sideskirt on the driver side while backing a trailer (ran over a stump with back tire, and sideskirt fell onto stump... crushing it in half). The large front part of the sideskirt cracked in two pieces... the skinny back half staying attatched to the truck, while the front rectangular side fell to the ground and spent the next few months riding in the back. Also, when the sideskirt cracked in half, it bent the sheet metal (body) in front of the back tire, really really bad. I had to un-bend it and try to make it as unnoticeable as possible. In addition to this, the front of the fiberglass side step was cracked and beaten up pretty bad just from many years of my Dad's abuse, so I decided to repair this while I was at it. He has been driving this truck around for about 5 months now without the section of the sideskirt that I repaired (in front of the back tire), It looked ghetto and really needed to be fixed. This is basically the same as my sub box enclosure, except there is no MDF involved. It was fairly easy, and made the truck look 100 times better.
These pics are of the sections being repaired. Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera until after I had applied a few coats of resin, and I never got a pic of the truck with the sideskirt piece missing. But as you can imagine, it looked really bad. On the front side step that I repaired, you can see where the original fiberglass was and where I added more (since the new stuff is clear, you can see through it to the big crack and where it had cracked off at the bottom).

To avoid confusion, the first 3 are of the front side step and the second three are off the back side skirt piece.

This is the truck after I finished glassing. I sprayed some rattle can primer and some red caliper paint that I had laying around on the pieces that I repaired and re-installed them. The back piece isn't lined up perfectly, due to the fact that the sheet metal that it screwed into was bent really bad (happened at the same time that the fiberglass piece cracked in half), and I couldn't bend it back perfectly. I did the best that I could with the time I was given.

All in all, I worked on it about 5 hours intermittently.