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Waiting to add the 3rd Dimension..

This page is for the "X,Y" axis CNC table that I have been working on and off for a while now. It consists of 2 linear slide rail systems powered by 2 bipolar stepper motors. One of the transmissions is belt and pully and the other is screw drive.

The intended purpose of the table was to be a drawing machine controlled by a joystick, for entertainment and learning. A 3rd "Z" axis (yet to be installed) is intended to operate (raise/lower) the drawing instrument via an electromagnetic pull-type solenoid.

I hit a few speedbumps with this project when it came to driving the stepper motors with enough current to operate the CNC machine. They draw too much current to use the L293D motor driver that I had my first experiences with, so I spent some time learing about H-bridges and how to build one capable of driving the 4 amp main stepper motor.

As you can see, both the X and the Y axis are present. The larger axis has a belt-driven stepper motor assembly that moves the smaller axis. The smaller axis is screw-driven and will hold the solenoid that our pen/marker will attach to. A joystick will controll the movement of the stepper-motors and the trigger will control the solenoid that raises and lowers the Z axis.

More pics: